EZGO, Intake Valve for 4-Cycle Pre MCI Engine (OEM)

Product code: 26616G01
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Product information

The Intake Valve allows fluid or air to pass through it usually during the intake phase of the engine's operation. The EZGO Intake Valve is used on vehicle's with the 295cc and 350cc Fuji-Robin, 4-Cycle Engine. This valve is used with Part# 26617G01, Exhaust Valve.
  • Used on 1992-1994 EZGO Gas Marathon (4-Cycle), XI300/XI500/XI804, PC4/PC4X/PC4GXI, and 804 Vehicles
  • Allows the flow of air and fuel into the engine's cylinders
  • Should your vehicle have a Pre-MCI engine and requires a replacement for Part# 26619G01, Valve Retainer, you should replace all of the following valves and related components with: Valve Spring Retainer, Part# 72509G01 (4 each); Collet, Part# 72510G01 (8 each); Valve Spring, Part# 72511G01 (4 each); Intake Valve, Part# 72507G01 (2 each), Exhaust Valve, Part# 72508G01 (2 each)

Technical specifications

Source OEM
MPN 26616G01
Buggy Brand EZGO
Manufacturer EZGO
OEM Cross Reference 26616G01
Product Code 26616G01
Weight 0.25kg